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Can you search on middle name and Date of Birth?

You can also search on a wide range of areas, including shortened text of a surname and forename, ‘sounds like surname’, NHS number, telephone number, address keyword or patient ID.

When can we see the new User Interface (UI) in action?

Our sales team are out on the road across Wales showing the new UI. This this was also shown at the NWIS GP Roadshow marketplace stand at the various venues.

Once the clinic is active can you reassign appointments from clinician to another?

Yes, via a drag and drop, or a copy and paste – for individual appointment slots. Entire clinics can be reassigned with one-click.

When searching for the next 50 available appointments, the appointment found was in the past and automatically flagged with an L for Late. Does the search not take into account the current date and time?

Searching free appointments won’t show anything already booked and therefore potentially ‘late’, but it will show free appointments on the dates specified. It does not consider the time of day because a free appointment slot is a free slot and could potentially be offered later in the day (if you have to offer a certain amount of appointments, daily). When searching appointments already booked for people, it will show what they are late for, if indeed they are late.

Can you put an ‘out of office’ on your task messages, so if someone sends a task to you it will flag up you are away?

The message can be written to match the user requirements.

Is there predictive text in consultation mode instead of having to set this up individually?

A set of commonly used phrases can be added to your practice/cluster which are triggered by typing specific 3 or 4 letter acronyms.

How do you do code multiple problems in one consultation?

By adding multiple codes and selecting “Mark as Problem – Yes” on each one.

Med review example? Synchronisation?

Right-click, review all drugs, select Read code from suggestion (with or without patient), then press Ok. Synchronisation is currently manual but there will be a Synchronise Drugs button in the new UI.

Is it part of the contract that the new version will be ready by the time practices start switch over?

As per the NWIS GP Roadshow demonstrations, this will be available as of January 2019. The product will continue will evolve over the contract in line with customer and NWIS requirements.

Can you for example detail a consultation of someone with knee pain coded as arthritis and also mentions their blood pressure and (code that as hypertension) and prescribe Ramipril 5mg and request U+E in 2 weeks? This question is to help me understand the process when putting multiple problems in one consultation.

If you would like Microtest to cover this in more detail with you, please contact Microtest at info@microtest.co.uk and we will arrange a ‘one to one’ demonstration to cover this specifically.

What if someone has left the practice before being seen as they felt they had been waiting too long and the GP has clicked ‘Start Consultation’?

The GP should not click ‘Start Consultation’ until the consultation actually starts, i.e. when the patient is physically in the Doctor’s room. If they click it early, someone will need to remove the “Seen in GP’s Surgery” Read code to ensure accuracy of medical records.

Can problems be merged, combined or evolved within the clinical system? e.g. a patient presents initially with chest pain and this is recorded as a problem. The patient is referred to hospital.  Following tests carried out in the hospital we receive the discharge letter which states that the patient has Angina.  We now want to ‘evolve’ the chest pain problem into angina.

Yes, this is very easy to do. Add Angina Read code, mark as problem. Remove ‘problem’ status from Chest Pain Read code and link that Read code to the Angina problem.

There may be multiple entries of the same problem e.g. contraception. Can all of these be merged into one folder?

They merge themselves, automatically stacking.

Can you print labels?

If you have a label printer, yes. Press the print label button or if you are marking tests sent to the lab, this function can be set to automatically print labels for samples and forms if you work this way.

It will link to GPTR – GP Test Requesting?

Yes, it will.

Pathology labels via Zebra printer?

Yes, Open Evolution is compatible with Zebra printers

Can the individual tasks be configured to shortcut keys?

Currently no, but feel free to request this software facility via crfc@microtest.co.uk which is a request for a changed process.

Can you dictate referrals from here?

You can dictate referral letters from any part of Open Evolution such as with Dragon Dictate or Lexacom.

Will the prescriptions for the patients listed in the left-hand column indicate on this screen that the repeat request came by ‘My Health Online / Waiting Room?

They can populate the Spooled Prescriptions list if you wish (so you essentially have a separate list for MHO med requests).

Can you show/describe how items are put into stock please?

Scan the drug barcode, agree the drug, agree supplier, complete quantity. You only do this once per drug.

If someone has a lot of meds on repeat and you add a new repeat drug can the system automatically bring the med r/v dates into line?

Not currently. With the new UI and by January 2019, yes.

We currently use Dispens-IT with a barcode scanner as our checking system. We don’t have the stock-IT module. When we switched to Dispens-IT it took months to gradually input all the barcodes to the system as we could only do it when that item was prescribed. Does your stock module / dispensing barcode scanner work in the same way? Also, is there any way we can transfer the label database from Dispens-IT to your module? I’m guessing it’s a ‘no’ to the latter, but it would save a huge amount of work hours if there was a way.

We utilise the Multilex database which has knowledge of the majority of existing barcodes, therefore training the system is not really required however on the off chance a new barcode being identified and not matched this can easily be associated to the necessary drug.

We also use Phoenix as our mainline wholesaler so I was wondering if and when you’ll be linking up properly with them. We put our orders via their PSUK website which in turn tracks our spending in various drug areas, so we’d be keen to continue using their site to process our orders. Could the order simply be printed as a list that we could then input manually to our preferred ordering websites? We currently use 5 different suppliers and sometimes have to shop around between them when an item is out of stock with one of them. A printed ordering list would give us the freedom to do that.

We currently have an integrated drug ordering module with AAH and currently working with Positive Solutions to increase our supplier capabilities. The system comes with a suggested order report at the end of the working day which can be reviewed and amended before using to order with any supplier.

Please could you also send a copy of the stock inputting process?

We are more than happy to provide this. Please email info@microtest.co.uk and we can send this on to you.

Can users have their own search folders?


When you run reports how long is the delay?

For reports and searches, it is usually between 4 seconds and up to 5 minutes (depending on the complexity). The average is less than 30 seconds. Many reports are live and do not need running.

When would you run reports overnight?

When running more complex searches or scheduled searches that you plan to work on at a set time of the month or week so they are ready to use when you come to work.

What are the main things that affect the speed at which reports run?

Complexity and the number of databases being interrogated – drugs, codes, appointments, patient registrations.

Can you schedule searches or reports to run quarterly?

You can schedule them to run at any combination of set days, months or times.

Can you schedule searches or reports to run on the 1st of every month?


How will change to SNOMED CT be addressed when it comes to existing searches? Will there be any issues we should be concerned about?

No. Microtest will offer dual-coding so you can code and search in either Read or SNOMED.

Can you use the tasks (along the bottom) to assign ‘batches’ to GPs?


If every mainstream document format is recognised can you highlight inside a PDF?

PDF will be converted to .tiff file, and then, yes you can highlight.

What are the 3 icons top right on the document screen and what are they for?

These icons are for ‘Scanned’, ‘Emailed’, and ‘Computer generated’.

How do you do deductions?

Through the GP Links module. If you would like further information on this please contact info@microtest.co.uk and we can arrange a specific demonstration or product sheet.

How do we print the notes?

Select the note on the notes screen and press print. Or, choose a selection of notes from the Journal module and print them all. This is shown in our Roadshow video on our company website microtest.co.uk/wales.

Do all documents also appear in the consultation mode? Specifically, if a GP is looking for a particular document, does he have to look through documents, or can he see them in previous consultations as an attachment?

They are all present in the Notes/Consultation module as well as the Documents module.

How will Docman letters/files be transferred into your scanning solution, whilst preserving some sort of folder directory for browsing the letters e.g. Cardiology?

Microtest is currently integrating with Docman which will be ready for January 2019.

Is there a need to create ‘keywords’ and templates, like Docman? For example, this is needed in Docman to help differentiate between one hospital and another etc. when providing our scanning staff with opinions for coding letter header e.g. ‘seen in cardiology, Glan Clwyd Hospital.’

Yes, there is an element of ‘teaching’, but our software also learns from its mistakes.

Will ScriptSwitch or equivalent software, work with Microtest?

Microtest currently integrates with ScriptSwitch and OptimiseRx.

What are the options for messaging on the white side of the prescription form – i.e. when prescription will be available, flu clinic information etc?

The options are essentially ‘free-text’ so you can set any information.