Chris Netherton, M.D.

The Future is 'Open'

At Microtest, we are announcing the start of a new era of ‘Open’ innovation within our range of products and services designed for GPs, hospitals and other healthcare professionals.

The Microtest ‘Open Futures’ range of products will build on the success of our award winning Guru, which has revolutionised the way healthcare is delivered in the UK, through, for example, allowing hospitals instant access to medical records held at a GP’s surgery. This brings huge time savings, aids diagnosis and improves the quality of patient care that can be provided.

Guru is completely interoperable, which means that it can integrate seamlessly with different clinical record systems. This is the key to ‘Open’ collaborative working and means that future healthcare will not be constrained by lack of integration.

Microtest’s ‘Open Futures’ range also includes ‘Open Evolution ’ – a turnkey solution which allows mergers and federations to share medical records across the group, regardless of the clinical system used by any one practice. This is expected to drive effective collaboration and deliver improved patient care.

We are at the early stages of an exciting future in healthcare. Over the months and years ahead, we will see increasing interoperability between clinical systems. We will also see more open collaborative working between healthcare providers enabled by technology. This is likely to be driven by latest developments in open source, video conferencing and even the Internet of Things. Technology is helping us all rewrite the rules about healthcare. Healthcare is likely to become more patient-centric and results-driven as a result.

Over the next decade, healthcare in the UK and around the world is likely to transform beyond recognition from the way it is delivered today.

At Microtest, we relish the opportunity to help drive this forward. Innovation is the lifeblood of our company and we are looking forward to announcing further additions to our ‘Open Futures’ range in the months ahead.