Our History

Up until 1980, Microtest was mainly involved in developing test equipment for the microwave industry, hence the company’s name.

Microtest was also a supplier of BBC Microcomputers, which some GP surgeries were using to help run their practices. This lead to a relationship with G+G Software, who had created an early form of practice management system to run on these computers. Eventually, Microtest and G+G Software merged so as to focus on practice management systems and the microwave business was floated off. The newly merged company, still called Microtest, quickly became a leading pioneer and innovator in medical software.

Through the 1990s, Microtest continued to develop and improve its practice management system, gaining a large customer base across the UK, as well as some overseas practices. The next step was to develop a Windows-based version of its practice management system. After, years of extensive testing and accreditation, Microtest Open Evolution was launched in 2005.

Microtest Health has gone on to become a national leader in clinical software, with a reputation for innovative, state of the art healthcare technology. Meanwhile, Mictotest Business and Home has successfully developed its services, to offer an all-round IT and communications solution for businesses and at home.

Microtest’s success is based on 30 years’ experience of listening closely to the needs of our customers and responding with ground-breaking solutions and excellent customer care.