Top 10 questions about migrating to Microtest

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The detail of system availability prior to go-live is currently being worked through with NWIS but we would currently foresee a practice having live access to Open Evolution as part of the data migration process for 3 months prior to the practice migration.

Similar templates will be made available in Open Evolution. Microtest and 3rd Parties in Wales will create equivalent templates.

Microtest routinely migrates between 98.5% and 99.5% of viable data but will work with practices to appropriately identify and migrate all data. During the process, Egton Codes and/or other free text items may be Read coded to improve the quality of the data.

Yes. Microtest has routinely provided this kind of data in previous migrations. Provided this data is made available as part of the data from the EMIS system then this data will be migrated.

The largest practices Microtest have migrated currently had between 40-46,000 ‘currently registered patients’ without issue. In real terms there were typically 3 x this number migrated as the practice chose to include their deducted patients.

Some 30% of practices currently using Microtest came to the company from an EMIS system. Microtest works to SCII 0129 (formerly ISB 0129) which dictates the company’s approach to data migration and clinical safety. It can occasionally be difficult to get the data from although this is already covered in existing NHS Wales contracts with their suppliers. Egton codes can look very much like a free text entry but providing they are consistent, can usually be mapped to an appropriate Read code during the migration process. Microtest fully recognises that the data migration cements the foundation of the future relationship between the practice and Microtest so invests a lot of effort into getting the migration right.

Microtest works with an approved NHS migration process (SCII 0129, formerly ISB0129) whereby we typically migrate 98-99.55% of viable data. We work with practices to identify a consistent way of migrating the remaining data e.g. Egton codes, to ensure that, where appropriate, these can mapped to Read codes during the migration process . Microtest have over 30 years’ experience in completing quality data migrations, working in partnership with practices to ensure a consistent level of data quality.

The version of Open Evolution delivered to Welsh practices will be fully configured and optimised to enable practices to make most efficient use of the clinical system. Practices will be able to modify this configuration if they want to work slightly differently to other practices.  There are many areas the clinical system can be streamlined – the training and the support desk can assist with this.

Yes. Microtest will have an e-learning portal to train clinical, administration and locums.  The e-learning portal can be overseen by the Practice Manager to see which staff members have completed their training and making progress.

You should contact Matthew Chubb, Microtest’s Regional Manager for Wales. Email or call 01208 455 955.