Working with Sentinel, Microtest can now offer free Workflow Optimisation training to all Microtest practices across NEW Devon.

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Training tailored for Microtest Practices

To provide training about implementing effective and efficient processes for dealing with incoming patient correspondence into a GP practice which free up GP resources but maintain safety and accuracy.


Historically patient correspondence is addressed to the patients registered GP who in turn reads and actions. In many practices, all the doctors read all the patient correspondence. In reality a GP isn’t always the best person to deal with the post because: often data just needs to be added to a patient record; GPs have limited time and GPs don’t always know where the relevant data is stored within a clinical IT system and aren’t always fully aware of the business rule set.

Passing responsibility for reading the post to an admin related person can have huge benefits to the practice by:

  • freeing up GP time – which can be reallocated to clinical appointment time;
  • more highly skilled QOF and Enhanced Service person so all the information can be gleamed to meet business needs- which can in turn save patients turning up for further needless appointments for checks they have already had elsewhere;
  • using a skilled summariser so the information can be collected and coded effectively, efficiently and distributed accordingly depending on task.

The post process stops being cumbersome and is a safer and streamlined process that fits better in everyday workloads within a surgery.

We have successfully implemented these processes in other practices and can provide you with ideas, inspirations and suggested workflows which you can adapt for your practice to save time and money whilst ensuring patient safety.


6 half day sessions and 2, 30-minute Web Ex sessions

(Includes Workflow Optimisation as well as Basic and Advanced Summarisation Courses within this price, if summarisation training isn’t needed then the training would be 3 half days and 2 web Ex sessions). The training required and the final price would be for discussion at the requirements stage.

Each course can be tailored to the practice requirements, areas covered:

  • Implementing IT to streamline processes
  • Setting up workflow process
  • Optimising the scanning process
  • Configuring and making the most of the letter categories and settings

We can also assist with:

  • Training your staff on using the workflow module
  • Supporting the selection process of key personnel
  • Providing summarising training for up to 5 people covering the basic and the advanced summarisation course contents
  • Reviewing and mentoring change process
  • Assisting in the review of allocation of post to the GPs
  • Writing protocols
  • The change management process

Please note for these summarisation courses that delegates will need access to their clinical system (based on a maximum of 2 people to 1 computer)

For booking or further information, please contact the Training Team at or call us on 01208 261 629