Chris Netherton

Chris Netherton

Managing Director, Microtest

One of the most transformational things about the world wide web is the way that it has opened up information and allowed people and organisations to join up. This is accelerating knowledge and progress across many fields. We can see this happening everywhere, from social media to academic research, from crowd sourcing to open source.

In our field of healthcare, we are at an incredibly exciting juncture.

In the UK (and in many other countries around the globe) the various organisations involved in delivering healthcare have tended to work in silos. Primary care, secondary care, pharmacy, mental health services, mobile clinics, social care – all have historically worked in their own silo, without using technology to help share information instantly between organisations.

At Microtest, we are at the forefront of pioneering work to change this – so that better healthcare can be delivered to all.

For example, our revolutionary web-based Guru system allows hospital consultants, paramedics, A&E departments, out of hours services, community hospitals and hospital pharmacists to gain immediate access to medical notes held by a GP’s surgery – making patient diagnosis and treatment speedier and thus likely to be more effective.

In the past, a GP’s surgery would have had to fax through records about a patient –leading to inevitable delays. Now information can be instantly available wherever there is an internet connection. And when working with other practices and healthcare providers, there is no need for all sites to be on the same clinical system to share and use medical records. This is a huge step forwards in interoperability between clinical systems, heralding a new era in an open NHS.

Now our Open Evolution product is raising the game when it comes to helping GP practices working together. The current trend towards practices merging or forming federations is making it essential that practices can share information. With Microtest’s Open Evolution, patients can attend any practice within the group and their full, real time medical record would be available for use.

This means that the patient can benefit from the best possible integrated care. In this way, technology is being used to break down barriers and join up information and organizations in a way that is saving lives and making a real difference to people’s health.

It is so wonderful that web based technology is helping us make this difference and so exciting to be at the forefront of making it happen.


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