Training tailored for Microtest Practices on-site or at Microtest Plymouth or Bodmin offices

These practical and interactive training sessions are designed specifically for summarisers within primary care to enable them to understand the purpose and significance of summarising for new patient records, incoming patient correspondence and to make the most of accurate coding in general using Evolution. Making the business more profitable and streamlined when collecting important patient data. Each course can be tailored to the individual or group’s needs.

Basic Summarisation Course (½ day, 3 hrs CPD)

  • The importance of quality summarisation and accurate consistent coding
  • History module configuration
  • Optimising History module for the user
  • Readcodes structure of database and abbreviations used
  • Using codes in the notes module
  • The future with Snomed
  • Run through specific patient scenarios: Reading patient notes and patient correspondence

Advanced Summarisation Course (Full day, 6 hrs CPD)

Basic Summarisation Course must be completed before the Advanced Course is undertaken

  • Brief summary of the Basic Summarisation Course and any questions arising
  • Setting up and using Problem Headers
  • Records received from GP2GP
  • Reading Business Rules for QOF, Enhanced Service specification and the relevance of coding
  • GPES extraction process
  • Optimisation of the practice for quality data entry
  • Making the most of coding within Evolution. Optimisation through Recalls, Encounters & Major Headings
  • Configuring and optimising the Readcoding mapping table
  • Mentor through specific patient scenarios: Reading patient notes and patient correspondence

Please note for these summarisation courses that delegates will need access to their clinical system (based on a maximum of 2 people to 1 computer).

For booking or further information, please contact the Training Team at or call us on 01208 261 629