Cloud Backup Services

Our Cloud Backup is a service is designed to allow you to Access the files you need, when you need them, wherever you are and exactly as you left them.

Working in the background, backup is your safety net and enables you to retrieve your important data, even if you accidentally delete or don’t save it. You control how it works and when and how often you backup. Whether this is when you turn your device on, or connect to the internet, backup gives you complete piece of mind that your data is safe.

Domain Names & Web Hosting

In order for us to provide a complete service we have dedicated servers that host the content and systems required for our web customers, as well as the ability to provide your perfect domain name. Depending on the website your online presence may require custom hosting services and we have the flexibility to add resources as your business grows.

Your domain name is the route to your website and the alias on your email address. We can manage the status and renewal of your domain name to ensure your mail and websites remain accessible; we can assist with verified SSL certification for your Server and web store, DNS changes and issues and much more to take the pressure away entirely.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Are you still managing your Exchange service on your onsite Server?

Do you receive more spam than genuine mail?

Is your Server crashing, getting low on space, slow and starting to show its age?

If so we can help with our Hosted Exchange service.

Microsoft Exchange is a business based email solution normally associated with onsite Servers. Microsoft Exchange gives you email, calendars and contacts that can be shared with other users in your organisation. Microsoft Exchange is design to work seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, which in our opinion is the best email and calendar management tool available.

Cloud Backup automatically mirrors everything you’ve chosen from your system; your data is ready to access at any time, from anywhere and exactly as you left it.