Microtest provide flexible IT support and solutions across the Westcountry and the UK.

What We Do

Our client base extends throughout the UK, in many industries and market sectors. Microtest has over 30 years experience in developing and supporting clinical systems for GPs and we also offer a wide range of services to retail, business, educational and government agencies. Our bespoke solutions and systems are developed and maintained in-house by our highly skilled team of Software Developers and Engineers, providing effective remote and onsite technical support as and when required. We are constantly improving our facilities and skills to ensure we can offer the best solutions and meet the changing needs of our clients.

We understand that keeping your systems working without interruption is vital for your business activity and our highly skilled engineers provide an excellent range of support packages to suit any type of business. Our large customer base across the UK continues to choose Microtest based upon the quality of our customer service and the value for money we offer.

Customers can drop in at any time for all their IT and repair needs or make an appointment with our highly-skilled team.

Our Team

We are very proud of our professional team at Microtest and are constantly improving the services we provide through training and technological updates.

Our team is smart, polite and very helpful in any situation. We receive great praise for our team from individuals of all backgrounds and sectors.

Our support and customer service reputation sets us apart from the competition.

Our Customers

"I have always found Microtest very helpful." Mr. A. Dearing
"Microtest are very approachable and eager to help. They provide exceptional service at reasonable prices; I wouldn't go anywhere else." Fiona, Ruses Gas
"Microtest took all the worry out of buying a laptop. Their service was extremely professional. Thank you." Mrs. Ann Coker
"Microtest have been great at looking after us as a small business. We don't need to work out what we need or what is required. MIcrotest work it out for us, give us the options and explain it to us in a way we can understand." Sam Lindo, Camel Valley Vineyard

About Us

What makes Microtest unique in our field is our exceptional customer support. Our customer support experts are highly skilled and experienced, with every customer call being handled efficiently.

We have outlined structured support procedures and developed our own integrated management systems to ensure we deal with every customer query and make sure customers’ expectations are exceeded. All our departments are in-house to ensure one point of contact.

We have been supporting local businesses with their IT needs for over thirty years.