Microtest Product Catalogue

Microtest is committed to helping deliver the benefits of interoperability right across the healthcare industry. Microtest is the UK’s most innovative provider of clinical systems and is leading the way in the GP Connect programme which will ensure interoperability between clinical systems.

The Microtest product suite is centred around Microtest Open Evolution and also includes the award winning Guru and Planned.Care, which are transforming patient care across settings.

Our clinical software is outstandingly reliable and is constantly updated to comply with all latest requirements, such as The Accessibility Standard. Find out more.

Microtest also fully supports the use of GS1 healthcare standards in the UK. Benefits such as full visibility of stock, automatic tracking and tracing and improved inventory management promise improved patient safety and time savings for staff. Verifiable end-to-end supply chain management will also help eliminate any sub-standard and counterfeit drugs and medical appliances.

Elements of Microtest Evolution are being made ready for compatibility with an initial subset of GS1 Standards. Upcoming releases will support additional elements, as they become required by practices and CCGs.

Core Clinical Systems

Open Evolution

‘Open Evolution’ is an exciting new solution, which allows collaborating and federating practices to share medical records across the group. Open Evolution allows a patient to attend any practice within a group or federation, supported by a full, real time electronic medical record being available for use, so the patient can benefit from the best possible integrated care. Open Evolution also offers an innovative reporting mechanism, which enables management information to be viewed either for an individual practice, for the group as a whole or as comparative information for practices across the group.

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Guru is our innovative, award winning electronic patient record sharing system. It enables patients to allow authorised clinicians to access their patient medical records from their GP Practice directly at the point of care. Guru is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and as it is cloud based, it can be used anywhere there is an internet connection. By allowing quick and accurate access to patient records, Guru enables dramatic improvements in the speed and quality of patient care. The pioneering system is completely secure and is revolutionising electronic health record sharing.

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Planned.Care is an innovative new system for sharing a patient’s care plan across organisations, including hospitals, GPs, social services, care homes, the ambulance service, community teams, pharmacies, charities and the police. The first collaborative system of its kind to be made available across the UK, Planned.Care revolutionises access to comprehensive records on a patient’s care plan as well as flagging up all key points at a glance. The patient is at the heart of the system: All care plans are produced with the patient. Planned.Care creates a central repository for all records and forms related to a patient’s care plan and allows plans that are compliant with Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination Systems (EPaCCS) to be stored and accessed. Accessibility and two-way communication with the patient are driving principles. Planned.Care integrates with Microtest’s Open Evolution clinical system as well as with any other clinical system.

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Added Value Systems

Locum Wizard

Discover Locum Wizard – an innovative web-based tool designed to ‘match make’ GP practices and GP locums. For surgeries, Locum Wizard saves time and allows them to streamline the process of identifying and booking the locum staff they need. For locums, Locum Wizard offers a simple route to identify suitable contracts, which match their needs and experience. It can be branded for your federation or local organisation and will revolutionise the ease with which surgeries can meet their locum recruitment needs.

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Remote Access to your Surgery Computer

This secure NHS approved gateway service provides you and all practice staff with remote access to your Open Evolution clinical system, 24/7 and wherever you are.
The system has been developed in collaboration with Somerset NHS. It has been designed to access your Open Evolution clinical system, N3-based services, NHS emails and your practice desktop and data.

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Additional Patient Management Modules

QOF Dock and Performance Plus

Discover a unique combination of tools which enables you to closely monitor each patient’s QOF indicators and achieve your potential income by improving your QOF performance. This will revolutionise the way you deal with QOF scores.

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The Waiting Room 2

Waiting Room 2 enables Microtest practices to fully meet all their latest NHSe Contractual Requirements in relation to online patient services. Following extensive collaboration with NHSe, the HSCIC and GP practices, our patient internet access portal delivers full NHSe functionality as well as all of the features requested by our practices. The ability to perform online booking and repeat medication requesting has never been easier. This is the perfect way to allow your patients more online access to services – saving time and resource for your surgery.

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FastVacc 3

Make sure that all vaccinations are documented quickly and accurately, with just a simple mouse click, using this comprehensive tool. FastVacc 3 frees up valuable time for patient care.

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CHA2DS2-VASc Scoring System

A superb tool which makes the handling of CHADS scores faster, easier and more accurate. See the comprehensive list of features.

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This standalone solution allows patients to automatically book themselves in when they have arrived at a surgery by using an intuitive touchscreen. This frees up staff time at Reception and helps reduce queues.

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Appel – the Microtest Patient Paging system allows your Microtest Clinical System to automatically call your patients from the waiting room. Available to use with a normal television set, Microtest Appel provides flexible paging with flexible pricing.

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INR Reporting

INR Reporting is a unique module that streamlines INR monitoring and automatically sets anticoagulation medication dosage at the optimum level, keeping patients’ INR levels more stable, thus improving patient safety and reducing frequency of visits to the surgery, Fully integrated into Evolution, this module will save the practice time and improve efficiency. With an innovative algorithm that calculates the ideal dosage for you, it is the only system of its kind in the UK which is embedded into a clinical system and available free of charge to customers.

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MUST – Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool

Microtest are launching the inclusion of BAPEN’s malnutrition universal screening tool ‘MUST’ within its Open Evolution clinical system. MUST enables its clinician users to provide a score and assess the risk of malnutrition in patients. The inclusion of the MUST tool will assist clinicians in assessing the risk of malnutrition, alerts the clinician if the patient is at risk and advises on subsequent action.

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Electronic Frailty Index (eFI) tool

From July 2017, GP practices have a contractual obligation to identify patients aged 65 and over who are living with moderate to severe frailty. Microtest offers a new Electronic Frailty Index (eFI) tool (developed by Leeds University) to help practices carry out this work quickly and effectively.

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The CQRS Enhanced Services Workbook

This is a great management tool that will help your surgery work smarter, not harder. It provides a snapshot of current status in relation to automatically extracted Enhanced Services.

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NHS Spine

NHS Spine supports the infrastructure for health and social care in England, joining together thousands of different healthcare IT systems across 20,500 organisations and thus helping to improve patient care across the country.

Spine allows information to be shared securely through national services such as:

Electronic Prescription Service
Summary Care Record
e-Referral Service

NHS Digital develops and maintains Spine through the Digital Delivery Centre and works to continuously improve the service. Microtest works closely with the Digital Delivery Centre as Spine development continues, to ensure that our customers benefit from fast, streamlined access to all Spine services.

We also provide exceptional service to our customers if they should need any help or support, for example if any problems are encountered with the NHS Smartcard.