This is the first time all organisations across the UK can have online access to a central record showing a patient’s comprehensive care plan, creating significant benefits for patients, clinical staff and other organisations.

Planned.Care will integrate with any primary or secondary care system, as well as any first responder service, social care, community teams and voluntary orgnisations. Record sharing is authorised by the patient and is totally secure. Planned.Care enables collaborative patient care and saves GPs, hospitals and other organisations time and money.

Planned.Care will streamline patient care in a wide number of ways. For example, GPs will benefit from immediate access to after care plans set when a patient is discharged from hospital. The Ambulance Service will be able to avoid unnecessary admissions as the system will allow the best decisions to be made in the case of emergency treatment being required.

Planned.Care will also help other organisations such as social services and community teams such as Mental Health, community nurses, nursing homes and the police service make informed assessments of any patient’s care needs.


The benefits of Planned.Care

  • Can be integrated with any clinical care system.
  • Secure and cloud based.
  • The system allows EPaCCS compliant plans to be stored and accessed.
  • Fast and easy to use with the option of using templates or free text and the ability to edit templates or add customised templates.
  • Ability to set standard templates for completion by partners.
  • Comprehensive up to date records available 24/7, including access to all previous records.
  • The system flags up items according to level of importance ‘at a glance’.
  • Documents such as photos, Xrays, blood test results and copies of any patient requests (such as ‘Do not resuscitate’ requests) can be easily uploaded.
  • Links to QOF and Enhanced Services payments through coding.
  • Management system to aid reviewing of care plans.
  • Users can choose to receive a notification of any update to the care plan.
  • Online patient access to care plans for entering information.
  • Patients control access.

“Planned.Care represents a huge step forward towards the goal of ‘joining up’ healthcare.”

Chris Netherton, MD, Microtest

Download the Planned.Care e-leaflet here.

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