Patient Paging – Appel

appel2Appel – the Microtest Patient Paging system allows your Microtest Clinical System to automatically call your patients from the waiting room. Available to use with a normal television set, Microtest Appel provides flexible paging with flexible pricing.

The patient paging system can overlay appointment details such as a patient’s name, the member of staff to be seen or the room number across the foot of a standard television picture, Power Point Presentation or DVD /video playback.


Appel allows three modes of paging.

Enhance your waiting room by providing a television and increase efficiency by having your patients automatically paged as soon as your staff call them within the Clinical System. The Microtest paging system is also an essential aid for those patients who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

The paging system is fully configurable with options to customise the messages displayed and turn sound effects off or on. Additionally, the paging system can run a fully customisable MS PowerPoint presentation in place of the television/video picture.

With patient paging, the patient is automatically notified via the paging screen when the GP calls the patient within the Clinical software.

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