The Future is…

Open Evolution is the exciting new hosted solution from Microtest which has been created to support the new era of collaboration in healthcare and set new standards of intuitive design.

Microtest’s clinical system for GPs is currently undergoing a transformation, that will make it the most intuitive and future-proof practice management system available in the UK. With a fresh and contemporary ‘look and feel’, the new web-based Open Evolution will deliver all the slick functionality that surgeries could wish for.

Designed with an eye on the future of healthcare, Open Evolution will set a new benchmark in clinical software that will meet all your surgery’s needs for years to come.

Modules are being enabled one by one via the existing Evolution framework. This will substantially reduce the burden normally associated with new healthcare software releases while quickly delivering real benefits to users.

Designed for a great user experience.


A crisp, fresh new user interface.

Open Evolution and GP Connect

Microtest was the first IT supplier to sign up to GP Connect and the first to develop, design and deliver a purpose- built GP Connect solution.

GP Connect is a vital part of the NHS Digital Spine and will enable all clinical systems to share data seamlessly with each other.

With Open Evolution, you will experience all the benefits of GP Connect and can rest assured that your clinical system will be completely interoperable with any other system.

Open Evolution’s ground-breaking healthcare software allows different practices to work closely together without losing each practice’s identity or autonomy.

Wholly intuitive to use.


Can be used remotely, on the move or in any care setting.

More market leading features of Open Evolution

  • Modern technology to enhance speed and performance
  • A complete management system with performance monitoring for a healthcare environment
  • Complete resource management toolkit
  • Streamlined consultation management
  • Reflects nationally available patient preferences about how their data is to be handled
  • Allows patient appointments to be made as well as cancelled across the different GP and federated practice clinical systems
  • Allows healthcare professionals from different care settings to send tasks such as a medical review to the GP and/or federated practice
  • Optimising clinical decision making through extensive reporting and auditing functionality
  • Interactive modern coding through clinical and administrative working
  • Enhanced tools to aid monitoring of funding streams
  • Clinics can be created with patients across the group as if they were all one practice, supported with appointment reminders
  • Share real time electronic patient records securely with other practices, secondary care and community services
  • Supporting clinical staff work such as Pharmacists, Nursing Staff, Paramedics
  • Streamlined use of telephone consultations and online triage
  • Feature rich clinical supporting tools

Hand crafted for performance

Open Evolution is based on the very latest ‘clever caching technology’ and resource management functionality which means the more users that use the system, the faster it performs, securely but quickly sharing patient information between users.

Open Evolution also has a cutting edge FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) module which provides the latest standard of patient record sharing between practices and other healthcare organisations. This module ensures full compliance with data protection laws, guaranteeing that clinicians and practice staff have appropriate access and are able to fulfil their role in patient health across the wider health community.

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