Following an incident in May 2016 relating to the use of QRISK2 by another supplier, all GP system suppliers were asked to participate in a validation exercise and independent review by NHS Digital.

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The results of the validation exercise have just been announced.

The NHS Digital Review of the Microtest Implementation, Testing and Assurance of QRISK2 Score Calculator confirmed that there were no issues to raise from the validation exercise conducted. The Microtest QRISK2 deployment is within the acceptable range of what NHS Digital understand ClinRisk intended to be implemented.

Microtest Managing Director, Chris Netherton, says: “The accuracy of our software is of paramount importance to us and maximising patient safety is at the heart of everything we do. We are pleased to see the results of the NHS Digital Review confirm that there are no issues at all related to our implementation of QRISK2. Although this is fully as we expected, we are pleased to be able to provide this endorsement by NHS Digital. It is important to be able to provide independent evidence to Microtest customers and their patients that they can continue to have complete confidence in our systems.”

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