MUST (Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool) is a calculator tool developed by BAPEN which enables clinicians to assess the risk of malnutrition in patients. The tool enables clinicians to calculate a score based on assessment of various factors. This enables clinicians to see at a glance where a patient is at risk and requires additional treatment or support.

  • MUST can be used to establish nutritional risk using objective measurements to obtain a score and risk category.
  • Integrated with Open Evolution, the MUST tool pulls clinical information from the system and writes back to it, enabling clinicians to perform the MUST calculation and obtain advice on subsequent actions without leaving the Open Evolution system.
  • Objective measurements include height and weight as well as weight loss
  • The calculator tool is quick and straightforward to use
  • It can be used to identify obesity as well as where patients are underweight
  • The tool has been developed by BAPEN, which is a registered charity

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