Microtest today announced the start of a new era of collaboration within its range of products and services designed for GPs, hospitals and other healthcare professionals.

The ‘Open Futures’ range of software will build on the success of Microtest’s national award winning Guru, which has already revolutionised the way patient records are shared and healthcare is delivered in the UK, allowing hospitals instant access to medical records held at a GP’s surgery.

The latest to be launched within the range is ‘Open Evolution’ – a turnkey solution, which allows collaborating and federating practices to share medical records across the group. Open Evolution allows a patient to attend any practice within a group or federation, supported by a full, real time, read/write medical record being available for use, making it possible for the patient to benefit from the best possible integrated care.

The solution also has a flexible and innovative reporting mechanism, which enables management information to be viewed per individual practice, for practices to be compared against others in the group or for the group to be reported as a whole.

Working closely with the HSCIC GP Connect Team (previously known as GPSoC IM2), Open Evolution will provide fully integrated working, regardless of the clinical system used by any one practice, which will drive more effective collaboration and deliver improved patient care. Open Evolution is expected to fully integrate with all systems by September 2016 when the HSCIC GP Connect project is delivered.

Chris Netherton, MD of Microtest says: “Microtest clinical products have based their communications on XML standards for nearly 20 years. With all suppliers now actively developing structured XML messaging to provide patient record sharing, this kind of interoperable software is the key to ‘Open’ collaborative working, meaning that future healthcare will not be constrained by lack of integration. The HSCIC GPSoC Project is making really good progress and Microtest is pleased to be able to help in the delivery of this.”

The HSCIC GP Connect project should complete in September but Microtest is able to launch Open Evolution now as we are so far ahead of the field in developing and the use of our own structured XML approach to integration.

“At Microtest, we relish the opportunity to help drive this innovation forward. Open integration and collaborative working will be vital to the future improvement of healthcare services in the UK and across the world. Innovation is the lifeblood of our company and we are looking forward to announcing further additions to our ‘Open Futures’ range in the months ahead.”


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