Microtest practices are reporting outstanding results after reviewing their third quarter achievement figures in QOF. Microtest released two new performance managing tools: Performance Plus and QOF Dock in June 2015 and these have provided invaluable in promoting exceptional patient care, as well as having a positive impact in QOF and to practices’ business. These fully integrated tools are completely free to Microtest users and promote seamless working, enabling users to work smarter and transform their QOF work.  Practices are reporting some impressive results as users recognise a huge range of proven benefits, including becoming aware of the hidden cost of work while balancing clinic time with income.  Microtest is one of the UK’s top GP established system suppliers and has been providing clinical systems to the primary care sector for over 30 years. Its award winning software enables direct interoperability across primary, secondary care, community and social projects where these new tools operate right across the spectrum.

Performance Plus provides easily readable and intuitive tables and charts to report on a diverse set of data which enable practices to easily get the most out of resources, clinics, clinicians’ skill sets and appointment booking matrices, while reducing back office functions.  This enables clinicians to deal with all patient issues at one time, in a professional manner and without having to call the patient back for further needless appointments.  QOF Dock is an intuitive solution which provides real-time QOF reporting for each patient identifying opportunistic work, whilst the patient is attending for other reasons.  Working in this seamless way, practices have demonstrated significantly reducing workload and freeing up nurse time that can be reallocated to other Enhanced Service patient care projects such as Dementia or Unplanned Admissions.

The tools help promote substantial staff benefits, as they help to identify nurse training needs, motivate staff, help staff to understand the relevance of seamless working and identify work that could be delegated leaving the more experience nurses to work on more complex patient care projects.

Doreen Henbrey, Practice Manager at Vernon Park Surgery in Stockport says: “After seeing Performance Plus I could not believe what we were opportunistically missing out on so many QOF payments by not seamlessly working, after discussing this with my doctor and nurse they are now more aware as to what they have got to do to get maximum money.  It’s definitely a must have for anyone in General Practice.”


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