Background – Why SNOMED CT?

In General Practice, there are currently two different Read code systems for recording patient information, Read v2 and CTV3. Neither of these old systems can meet the requirements of the NHS in the future.

The NHS has therefore decided that all primary care providers will move to the SNOMED CT clinical vocabulary by April 2018, and Microtest fully supports this move. To gain the full benefits of interoperability it is vital to have accurate and consistent sharing of data across systems, and SNOMED CT will help to deliver this.

Microtest is working closely with NHS Digital to ensure a smooth transition to SNOMED CT for our customers. While there is a lot of work involved in this change, it is more than justified in the benefits it will bring in improvements to patient care and in the more effective analysis of patient data.

About Snomed CT

SNOMED CT is a comprehensive clinical vocabulary which is already used in over 50 countries internationally. It provides the clear and unambiguous coding that the NHS needs and can be used across primary and secondary healthcare settings. The vocabulary covers content such as diagnoses, interventions, symptoms, allergies and family history.

Not only does SNOMED CT provide a bigger vocabulary for recording information, it is also more nuanced and better reflects the range and complexity of the symptoms and diagnoses that we now need to record. It allows for a level of expansion and improvement in the future that reflects the evolving needs of General Practice.

Find out more

For further details from NHS Digital on the move to SNOMED CT in Primary Care, including links to useful training resources, click here.

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