The Microtest Steering Committee (MSC) is a unique forum in which some of our most engaged customers can give us valuable feedback on our products and services. The key people from Microtest’s senior team attend these sessions, so it is a great opportunity for everyone to share and discuss their views. These sessions also provide an opportunity for Microtest to give advance news of the latest developments and innovations being prepared for future release. This is your chance to help shape the Microtest services of the future.

• MSC sessions run four times a year and are hosted at our Bodmin offices.
• Our customers are represented by a cross section of practice staff and include GPs, practice managers, nurses, and practice administrators. In this way we can get the perspective of the entire practice team.
• As well as a presentation and a company update, each MSC session features a two way workshop or debate about a particular aspect of Open Evolution, or another of Microtest’s products and services.
• The session provides an opportunity to network with peers, sharing experiences and ideas.
• MSC membership is free and open to any member of a practice that uses our products and services.

If you are interested in attending, places are allocated on a first come, first served basis, with the only limitation on numbers being the capacity of our conference room.

So if you would like to reserve your place or if you have any questions about the Microtest Steering Committee, then please email