The published data showing QOF income for GP practices in 2015 show that the income generated by Microtest practices was higher than the local average and also significantly higher than the national average.

The HSCIC data shows QOF income by practices using Microtest, EMIS,TPP and InPS Vision.

The QOF income achieved by Microtest practices for Chronic Kidney Disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease were especially outstanding.

Microtest practices have worked hard to excel in the provision of patient care, aided by features within our Open Evolution system and in particular our innovative QOF Dock module and Performance Plus which make it simple and straightforward for practices to both identify and claim QOF income.

Chris Netherton, Managing Director, says: “QOF Dock and Performance Plus are unique initiatives that have not been matched in the industry. They provide real-time QOF reporting and analysis for each patient identifying opportunistic work, whilst the patient is attending for other reasons. Working in this seamless way, practices have demonstrated that they can significantly reduce workload and free up nurse time that can be reallocated to other Enhanced Service patient care projects”.

Chris continues: “Secondly, our training and consultancy is also in a league of its own. We are focused on helping practices improve performance across the board and we are lucky to have our own Performance Management Consultant, Alison Fry, who is an expert in QOF, and who is helping disseminate her expert knowledge amongst our practices, working with our new highly skilled, specialist training team.

Financial performance needs to be at the heart of all practices, if they are to deliver the best patient care. We are delighted to be able to show how we are helping Microtest practices lead the way both in healthcare delivery and in maintaining financial stability on the national stage.”


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