Microtest today announced the appointment of two key new staff members at its Bodmin office: Alison Fry as the new Research Manager and Paula Julian as the new Research Assistant.  Both roles have been filled by former Microtest super-users and the new positions will help to support Microtest’s continuous and rapid expansion after a very successful few years. Microtest is one of the UK’s top GP system suppliers and has been providing clinical systems to the primary care sector for over 30 years. Its award winning software is used across primary and secondary care.

In 2015 staffing levels rose at Microtest by 40% ; the majority of these were talented developers and testers at the Bodmin, Saltash and Hungary offices. The new developers are already delivering new pioneering facilities and features within Evolution, Guru integration and The Waiting Room 2.  Microtest have also recently employed expert and proven ex-clinicians and healthcare managers so that they can continue to offer only the very best service to their customers, with the ever increasing challenges of healthcare.  Microtest is continuing to actively recruit new staff to meet the growing needs of the company.

Alison Fry is a former Microtest user and has used the Evolution system to its full potential. Alison explains “I was delighted to be offered the position and am really looking forward to bringing my expertise to the role. I am passionate about quality patient care and feel this is vital, but I also understand the changes that the NHS is currently going through and how important maximizing income is through accurate and efficient documenting.  IT has to ensure everyone is working smarter and not harder.” Alison holds an impressive CV. She was at Trescobeas Surgery for 16 years where she covered a variety of roles including:  Deputy Practice Manager, Treatment Room Manager, QOF and Enhanced Service Manager and IT Manager.  While at Trescobeas she won the ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) Learner of the Year in the Management category in 2014. She produced some remarkable results for her practice, by radically improving patient care, while providing a positive financial effect to the business.  The processes Alison changed revolutionised the way her practice operated, particularly in the nursing and back office areas. Alison has been involved heavily in the development of a number of new features for Microtest.  The QOF management tool: Performance Plus, the new FastVacc solution for all vaccinations –  including the childhood schedule and travel – and the newly to be released CHADS2 calculating tool.

Paula Julian holds invaluable management experience, not least as she has overseen a practice merger.  Paula explains: “Interoperability is a hot topic and after using a competitor’s IT system, I feel Microtest has the perfect solution to keep a practice’s own identity and autonomy when it comes to their own clinical system and patient records. I am another former, happy Microtest user, and I have taken this role as I really love the Evolution system and want to help spread the message! I worked at a practice for 24 years, working my way up to Assistant Manager. I bring to the role of Research Assistant a real in-depth knowledge of how things work in the surgery. I will be supporting the Research Manager, Training and Testing departments.”  Paula will be launching Microtest’s new live WebEx e-Training facility via the free weekly training WebEx sessions  on 10th December. These will be 15 minute training sessions to work with customers to improve knowledge and how best to utilise the portfolio of Microtest products and features to their full potential.

Chris Netherton, Managing Director of Microtest said: “We are delighted to welcome Paula and Alison to the Microtest team and welcome their many years of experience.”

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