Microtest and MediBooks are working together to deliver medical billing functionality into Microtest’s innovative Open Evolution clinical system, including their award winning Guru solution.

The new functionality will enable Microtest GP users to manage non-NHS and private income quickly and easily. Microtest, one of the UK’s top four principal GP IT system suppliers, is leading the way in joined up healthcare with its innovative functionality. Microtest’s Open Evolution software is now widely used across primary, community and secondary care.

The solution synchronises all relevant patient details directly from Microtest’s Evolution into MediBooks, meaning that the practice team no longer have to manually input or have lengthy paper based systems which manage claiming processes for private income, invoices, receipts and statements. These can be automatically created through this seamless integration. As the integration process is so slick and streamlined it ensures all private work is claimed and there is no opportunity for missed income.

Danny Bannister of MediBooks says: “We are thrilled to be working with Microtest, one of the key UK GP clinical suppliers, and it makes total sense that their customers can now use our products.”

Chris Netherton, Managing Director at Microtest, said: “Integration with MediBooks will help us on our quest to continually innovate and provide our customers with the best possible tools to support them.”

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