Microtest’s clinical system has integrations with over 50 partners currently available or under development.

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FDB OptimiseRX

Microtest Open Evolution users can now benefit from more enhanced, clinically appropriate prescribing guidance at the point of care and at the right time in the prescribing workflow, thanks to an integration with FDB OptimiseRx from Hearst Health International. FDB OptimiseRx is the only prescribing decision support solution for primary care that uses information from the patient record to present prescribers with guidance messages that are tailored to the patient record.

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LabelTrace is designed to allow GPs and nurses to print labels for specimens and request forms where and when they are required with near instant response.

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Cardiosoft enhances the current clinical system to a sophisticated cardiac data acquisition and analysis system. The ECGs recorded can then be electronically stored alongside the patient record and can be viewed at any PC in the practice. The ECG data sets are fully ‘Choose and Book’ compatible.


MJog provides advanced patient communications that deliver appointment reminders, recalls and health campaign messages automatically via SMS, Voice or Email which can reduce DNA rates by up to 50 per cent and help support the achievement of QOF and DES targets.

Increase patient awareness of your services and improve clinic attendance through Health Campaign Manager using customisable message templates. MJog’s Patient Messaging Services include unlimited two way FREE reminder and campaign text messages, using NHS Mail; customisable message templates, and all patient communications and responses are reported back automatically into Microtest using Read Codes.

MJog offer a free trial to experience the benefits of advanced patient healthcare communications.

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Indigo4 – tQuest

tQuest provides a quick, effective and flexible requesting solution to meet every clinician’s requirements. Review reporting requesting portal provides a web-based repository for all patient related clinical data; including pathology, radiology, endoscopy, retinology and discharge reports.


ICE Requesting provides a web-based service that enables pathology requests to be made from GP surgeries. The system employs rules to ensure only appropriate requests are made and full information is available to the lab. The system caters for clinics and phlebotomists. Radiology ordering is also available with interfaces for most RIS. Trusts have also adopted the system for use in other areas such as physiotherapy, ambulance ordering, assault surveys etc.

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Apollo – QOF Assessor

Apollo generates a number of validation reports to support the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) Assessment process within the GP Practice. This integration allows the validation routines to be run against a Microtest clinical system and generate the necessary reports for data investigation.

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BMJ Informatica

BMJ Informatica helps primary care clinicians improve clinical outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare delivery through Contract+, FrontDesk and Audit+. Our solutions for GP Practices are closely integrated with Microtest, and include: QOF management and workload optimisation to maintain practice income; intelligent patient management and practice scheduling and patient access; proactive support and automatic identification of patients affected by safety alerts.