This unique module transforms the ease with which practices can monitor patients’ INR and prescribe the optimum dosage of anticoagulation medication. Within a 10 minute appointment, you can take a finger stick test, automatically analyse the results, see the dosage required and print out the information for the patient. Just enter the range of parameters and the unique algorithm calculates the dosage required, saving time and increasing accuracy. Features include:

  • Compliant with current NICE guidelines
  • Includes an ‘INR range report’, an analysis which shows at a glance the percentage of time that a patient is within their therapeutic range
  • Automatic system powered by a unique algorithm – however this can be overridden for manual entry if preferred
  • Fully configurable for the patient
  • Option to include comments
  • Prepares print out for patient and can also be viewed by patient online through Waiting Room 2
  • Can integrate with a patient reminder service by text or email
  • Range of reporting options available for practices, including creating a list of overdue patients, quarterly reports, analyses of performance and efficiency based on frequency of return visits

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