The Uk’s most advanced patient record sharing system

Our ground-breaking patient record sharing system has been developed in close cooperation with clinicians in primary, secondary and community care and offers a wide range of benefits, achieving the goal of more ‘joined up’ healthcare.

The benefits of Guru

  • Fast access and recording to patient medical records 24/7, avoiding any unnecessary delays in patient care.
  • Access to the latest, most accurate and up to date information.
  • Improves accuracy of diagnosis, leading to better quality of care and a better overall experience for the patient.
  • Ever increasing range of modules promoting quality patient care such as trigger read coding and patient statistic recording including monitoring of disease registers.
  • Overcomes the problems that can arise when information is held in different silos. Negates the need for hugely expensive secure patient record storage.
  • A totally secure system, with patients and their GPs retaining complete control over what information is shared.
  • Fully compliant with Data Protection Act.

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“Guru is a huge success story. It is saving us time and it is often the sickest patients that benefit the most. I would certainly recommend Guru to others.”

Dr Neil Davidson, Medical Director, West Cornwall Hospital

Guru in Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Guru is used by the pre-operation patient assessment clinic.

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