Dr Annabelle Mascott is GP Partner at Lisson Grove and Woolwell Medical Centre in Plymouth.

Since 2015, she has made use of Guru to help save her time when running a regular clinic at a local boarding school.

These clinics take place twice weekly and typically involve seeing or discussing up to eight patients within an hour at the boarding school’s own premises.

Dr Mascott says: “Guru has been a real time-saver for me. With Guru, I can easily connect to the surgery’s clinical system via the 4G network. This means that in situations such as this off-site clinic, I can make my clinical notes directly at the time on my iPad. If it were not for Guru, I would need to write up my notes separately later. In the case of a clinic where I see six patients twice a week, this saves me around half an hour of subsequent administration, freeing me up to spend that extra time on patient care.”

Dr Mascott continues: “Although I mainly use Guru for making clinical notes, there are also occasions when it is useful to be able to access the patient’s previous history through the ‘Notes’ section within Guru. I can also view previous medications.

“For me, the game-changer is that Guru can be used via the 4G network. In Plymouth, we have good 4G connectivity within many parts of the city.

“The flexibility that this provides is significant. It enables me to work more productively away from the surgery.”

Dr Mascott concludes: “I see Guru as part of the new era whereby technology is enabling greater flexibility and collaboration within healthcare. In addition to using Guru, I also greatly value the ability to work remotely, using a Remote Access Portal This means I can access my desktop from home or anywhere else that has a good WiFi connection, which gives me full access to the Open Evolution clinical system and all of the other applications on my surgery computer.”

“Again, this is a huge advantage which enables me to work as effectively and productively as possible and ultimately helps improve patient care.”