Chris Netherton

Chris Netherton

Managing Director, Microtest

Microtest exhibited at the Health Plus Care conference in London recently, which was an excellent event. The show was buzzing with anticipation about GP Connect, which is now only two months away from delivery of phase 1.

At the event, HSCIC launched a new video to explain GP Connect and NHS England were also holding presentations on interoperability.

This is a really exciting time for us all as we develop new ways of working together and seamlessly sharing information in order to provide better quality of care for patients.

When the first phase of GP Connect is delivered in September, it will be the start of a new era in healthcare, as all clinical systems will integrate with each other. This will enable practices to choose the system that best meets their own needs, without having to worry about issues related to interoperability. This will have a huge impact on the industry and will enable a step change in patient care in the UK.

The first phase of GP Connect will initially focus on three key areas of interoperability:

  • Appointments
  • Records Access
  • Task management

These three elements together will represent a huge advance in interoperability – and there is much more to come in the months ahead. In the meantime, we at Microtest are playing our full part in helping GP Connect to deliver the first phase by this September and looking forward to an exciting future.


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