FDB OptimiseRx is the most advanced prescribing guidance solution on the market. It is the ideal way to deliver clinically appropriate prescribing information at the point of care, at the right time in the prescribing workflow.

FDB OptimiseRx is the only prescribing decision support solution for primary care that uses information from the patient record to present prescribers with guidance messages that are tailored to the patient record.

FDB OptimiseRx guidance messages support prescribers to make better prescribing decisions that are in line with the nationally recognised evidence bases, the local formulary and that are cost-effective. It allows you to improve adherence to best practice by standardising your use of medicines.

FDB OptimiseRx has been designed in collaboration with GPs, Medicines Management Teams and CCG prescribing leads.

  • Provides real time clinical support at the point of care.
  • Fully integrated with the workflow of Open Evolution.
  • Automatically prioritises best practice and patient safety, followed by cost.
  • Recommendations are tailored to the specific patient needs based on their full medical history.
  • Delivers contextual guidance in a way that is intuitive and easy to use for prescribers.
  • Allows you to apply detailed, relevant knowledge without interrupting the prescribing process.
  • Helps to reduce unwarranted variations in prescribing.

“Point of care advice systems are key to our aims of supporting cost effective and safe prescribing. The outcomes and feedback from the use of FDB OptimiseRx in practices have been excellent.”

Dan Thomas, Prescribing Information Manager at NHS Kernow CCG

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