FastVacc 3 speeds up data entry for all kinds of vaccinations – not just flu clinics!

With FastVacc, you now have a proven way for practice staff to save time on all vaccinations, including child immunisations, travel and ‘at risk’ vaccinations.

It is a standalone solution which ensures that all vaccinations are documented and updated in the correct place within the patient medical record – with just one click.

The integrated single user interface allows practice staff to record vaccination details in Recalls, Notes, Encounters and History – or any combination that the practice configures.

  • Fully PGD compliant
  • Notes entry can be standardised to practice requirements
  • Ensures that the correct business rules code is used every time
  • Helps ensure accurate service payments
  • Allows the clinician to spend more time with the patient
  • Can be run from an i-Pad for greater flexibility

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Some important information about the NHS Flu Clinic campaign 2017

NHS England has recognised that flu clinics represent a great opportunity to help you achieve your aim of getting 20% of your patient population signed up to one or more online services. These include booking appointments online, ordering repeat prescriptions online and being able to view your GP record online.

NHS England has mapped out five suggested ways in which you can use flu clinics to promote wider use of your online services and get more of your patients to register for them. You can adapt these NHS suggestions to meet the specific needs of your practice. They include example wordings for emails and texts which you can send out when notifying patients of your flu clinics.

You can view the NHS guidance on the Flu Clinic campaign here.

If you have any questions about the NHS Flu Clinic Campaign, you can email their team at: