Microtest, one of the UK’s top four primary care clinical system suppliers, today announced the launch of its latest solution: FastVacc 3. Building on the success of the original FastVacc, the new solution, which is provided free of charge to all Microtest customers, vastly speeds up data entry for recording seasonal flu vaccinations and enables users to get through their workloads quickly and efficiently with just a single mouse-click for the majority of patients.

FastVacc 3 Click is easy to use and is proven to save time for practice staff. It offers patients greater appointment flexibility and enables practices to see more patients. It provides a single user interface on which to record flu clinic vaccinations, and mark appointment slots as completed. The simple user interface enables practice staff to record vaccinations as Recalls, Consultation Notes, Read coded History entries or by any combination of the above. Once a batch number has been entered, the user marks the vaccinations as being given in the left or right deltoid, or any other part of the body with a single mouse-click.

Trescobeas Surgery in Falmouth started using FastVacc in 2011, and have just moved to FastVacc3. Since then their patient throughput has almost doubled. Alison Fry, Deputy Practice Manager and Treatment Room Manager, says: “We used to see 100 patients per hour in our flu clinics, now we are about to start doing 170! We have vaccinated over 2,000 seasonal adult flus, 100 pneumovax, 100 shingles, endless child immunisations and countless at risk vaccinations. With the help of FastVacc 3 this flu season we are running flu clinics at 75 patients per hour per nurse. We have calculated that FastVacc 3 replaces one member of staff documenting throughout a flu clinic, and many hours of admin time in documenting.”

Yorick O’Nyons, Practice Manager, adds: “Initially we used FastVacc for flu vaccines only. However, with the advent of enhanced services and associated additional income streams, we wanted to expand to cover pneumonia, shingles and child flu as well. We find that using FastVacc helps us ensure that we don’t miss out on QOF or enhanced services payments and, most importantly, enables us to give the best care to our patients.”

You can read the Trescobeas FastVacc case Study here.

Chris Netherton, Managing Director of Microtest explains: “We are always looking for ways to reduce the pressure of work on our practices and to make their lives easier. Judging from the very positive feedback from our pilot and our practices, they are delighted with this time saving application.”

All Microtest GP practices are now able to use FastVacc 3.

If you would like more information about getting FastVacc at your practice, please contact us on sales@microtest.co.uk


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