Fast Visits are a streamlined ‘one stop shop’ visit to your practice, lasting one full day. Every Microtest customer receives one free Fast Visit a year from our team. The team who visit you will be hand- picked to match your precise needs. It could for example include a trainer, a helpdesk specialist, a technical IT expert, an engineer and/or our in-house Performance Consultant. A Fast Visit is a great opportunity to discuss training, deal with any IT troubleshooting issues, find out about Microtest’s latest software developments and discover how you can work smarter, not harder Your Fast Visit will be tailored to your exact needs and so the agenda is completely flexible. It could include any of the following- and more!

  • Review of any recent helpdesk enquiries and training tailored to meet your needs
  • Coaching in how to utilise the Microtest system to its full potential to streamline processes
  • Fixing any outstanding problems with your practice hardware or software
  • Advise on any new software or hardware to enhance practice processes
  • Demo of new software
  • Involvement and discussion on new software developments
  • Update on new integrations
  • Facilitation of a practice networking event with an opportunity to ask questions

To find out more about Fast Visits and the other great services provided by Microtest, please call 01208 261608 or email