Trescobeas Surgery is a forward thinking practice in Falmouth and currently serves a population of over 9,700 patients. The practice has been using Microtest Evolution since it was first released and has been using GP2GP since October 2014.


Trescobeas Surgery was keen to pilot the new GP2GP functionality from Microtest and realised benefits almost immediately. Once a new patient is registered with the practice through the Spine, the functionality enables the patient profile to feed through from the previous surgery within around 10 minutes. The patient’s full information drops into all the different modules in Evolution, regardless of which clinical system the previous patient was registered with.

Seamless Patient Care

Trescobeas chose to use GP2GP in order to improve patient safety and encourage seamless patient care. The newly registered patient’s drugs are listed within the drugs module, and appear in red – which indicates a review is required. The practice can then familiarise themselves with the patient before issuing. The old method of contacting previous practices or asking patients for proof of what medication they were taking are a thing of the past with GP2GP.

The seamless transition of patients’ care with a clinician – whether this be a nurse or doctor – means that users have full access to all the previous consultations, results, letters, pathology, immunisations at the first appointment. The patient’s care can continue in a much more informed and focused way, without the need to repeat any tests with the new practice.

Yorick O’Nyons, Practice Manager of Trescobeas says: “GP2GP has been a breath of fresh air. All our GP2GP incoming notes have been checked and accepted within 3 days and we have not received any rejected notes. The key to success with GP2GP for Trescobeas was the planning and training,” says Yorick. “We made sure all our smartcards had the right roles on prior to the go live day. The training on the day with the Microtest trainer was focussed and informative and they were keen on getting the training groups right, so the staff received the correct training for their part in the process”.

Overall Trescobeas Surgery has found GP2GP a modern, well informed way of working with plenty of benefits in many areas of working improving quality patient care, safer and traceable ways of transferring information.