Trescobeas saves time, money and improves patient experience when giving vaccinations using Microtest’s FastVacc 1 Click


Trescobeas Surgery is a forward thinking practice in Falmouth and currently serves a population of over 9,700 patients. The practice has been using Microtest Evolution since it was first released and its FastVacc solution since 2011. The surgery is saving considerable time, money and improved patient care in its clinics by using FastVacc.


Trescobeas Surgery – a happy Microtest customer needed a solution to help speed up and meet current documenting demands when administering vaccinations. The practice started piloting Microtest’s FastVacc in 2011 and have expanded their usage since then, with impressive benefits.

FastVacc is a standalone solution that links to Evolution and ensures that all vaccines are documented and updated in the correct places within the patient medical record. FastVacc is simple to use and has proven to save time for practice staff, by providing a single user interface on which to record clinic vaccinations and mark appointment slots as completed with just a couple of mouse-clicks required per patient. This simple user interface enables practice staff to record vaccinations in Recalls, Consultation Notes, Read coded History entries or by any combination that is pre-programed.


Alison Fry who is the Deputy Practice Manager and Treatment Room Manager at Trescobeas explains: “Before implementing FastVacc, staff who were running Immunisation Clinics had to document in four areas: Recalls, notes, red book and HA paperwork.  A current CCG audit had demonstrated that prior to the implementation of FastVacc, the correct standard documentation was time consuming and each individual clinician interpreted the guidance differently.  This was causing errors and duplication of work and was a really long-winded way to work.  Now in a consultation, the clinician can spend more time with the patient, improving patient care and the patient experience rather than staring at the computer screen documenting.”


Alison continues: “Now with FastVacc, full documentation is completed in a couple of mouse clicks and the patient records are all up to date, meeting the latest requirements and best practice.

Once a batch number has been entered, the user marks the vaccinations how it was being given and in which part of the body, inhale or by mouth with a single mouse-click. Everything is documented in the right place, maximising income by not mis-documenting.”

Alison continues: “Clinicians sign a PGD (Patient Group Directive) which provides a legal framework that allows some registered health professionals to administer specific vaccinations.  PGDs cover subjects like checking allergies, drug history, inclusion criteria, consent, batch numbers, the name of vaccination etc. FastVacc automatically writes and standardises all the documentation in all the right areas of the patient record, meaning you spend much less time on the computer system and  much more time with the patient. This not only enhances patient safety, but also maximises practice income by automatically Read coding all entries.”

Yorick O’Nyons, Practice Manager says:  “Initially we used FastVacc for flu vaccines only. However, with the advent of enhanced services and associated additional income streams, we wanted to expand to cover pneumonia, shingles and child flu as well. We talked to Microtest about adding this functionality and they worked with us to incorporate this. We find that using FastVacc helps us ensure that we don’t miss out on QOF or enhanced services payments and, most importantly, enables us to give the best care to our patients.”

Faster patient throughput and quick to learn

Nina Strange the Reception Manager leads the flu clinics with Alison and explains: “Since we started using FastVacc, our patient throughput has almost doubled! We used to see 100 patients per hour in our flu clinics, now we are about to start doing 170! It means greater appointment availability for patients and we get to see more patients. We have calculated that FastVacc replaces one member of staff documenting throughout a flu clinic, and many hours of admin time in documenting.”

Alison says: “The solution is really easy to use and pick up, our nurses love it! It took our nurses 10 minutes to learn how to use FastVacc during a practice meeting. In addition, we have vastly sped up data entry for recording seasonal flu vaccinations, which enables us to get through our workloads quickly and efficiently with just a single mouse-click for the majority of patients. “


Alison continues “We currently use FastVacc for child immunisations, other routine immunisations as well as all the vaccinations given during a flu clinic. We are now working on adding our travel vaccinations.”