Probus Surgery covers a large area of Cornwall, with the main premises at Probus, a large branch surgery at Grampound and smaller branch surgeries at Tregony, Summercourt and The Merlin Centre. The team at Probus Surgery chose to deploy FDB OptimiseRx from Hearst Health International via their Microtest Open Evolution solution in order to benefit from more enhanced clinically appropriate prescribing guidance.

When Microtest started rolling out FDB OptimiseRx from Hearst Health International via their Microtest Open Evolution solution, Probus Surgery were keen to deploy in order to benefit from more enhanced, clinically appropriate prescribing guidance at the point of care and at the right time in the prescribing workflow. FDB OptimiseRx is the only prescribing decision support solution for primary care that uses information from the patient record to present prescribers with guidance messages that are tailored to the patient record. Microtest and Hearst Health International worked together to integrate FDB OptimiseRx into Microtest’s core Open Evolution solution. OptimiseRx is currently being rolled out across Microtest sites.

Supporting prescribers and dispensers in making better prescribing decisions
Probus Surgery deployed FDB OptimiseRx in July 2016 and have been reaping the benefits ever since. The solution is used by GPs while prescribing and Dispensers while processing repeat prescriptions, and the team have found the solution so intuitive that training is not usually required. The GPs view its guidance messages and this helps them to enhance their prescribing decisions so they are cost-effective and in line with the local formulary.

The Dispensary Team Leader at Probus Surgery, who has been using the solution since its deployment, explains. “I find the solution really easy to use – you really don’t need any training at all. Doctors use it initially when they prescribe, and if there are any cost effective alternatives to the medication they are prescribing, the solution will flag up or highlight an approved alternative, which fits in with the local formulary and Kernow CCG guidelines.”

Saving money for surgeries and CCGs
As budgets continue to be a focus across healthcare communities, utilisation of FDB OptimiseRx gives practices and CCGs the ability to make efficiency savings against their prescribing budget while providing high quality care. The solution enhances the quality of prescribing with its guidance messages and it delivers contextual guidance in a way that is intuitive to prescribers, helping to drive up the quality of prescribing across the NHS, whilst safely reducing unnecessary costs.

Helpful in the pharmacy
The Dispensary Team Leader adds “We are also seeing the benefits in the Dispensary. It means that we can check the prescribing and if OptimiseRx flags up something that we think could be a better fit, we simply highlight and transfer to the doctor for approval. The solution will also flag up a message when you need to contact patients for overdue bloods tests, which is really useful. There is also a really important prompt for Methotrexate reminders.

The Deputy Practice Manager says: “It was very easy to install and use and hardly any training was needed. We are really happy with the solution.”