Oak Tree Research are members of the Cornwall Clinical Research Group and run a busy research centre based out of Oak Tree Surgery in Liskeard. Oak Tree Research site uses Microtest Guru to identify patients for its challenging research studies and to feedback patient information in live time to participating surgeries.

Principal Investigator, Dr Rehan Symonds, identified a requirement for a solution to assist with patient identification, for improving outcomes in patients at high risk of needing kidney dialysis. The team at Oak Tree Research work with other surgeries in the area to identify suitable patients. The team now uses Guru in order to view and monitor patient clinical notes, which helps save time and enhance patient safety.

Interoperable real time information to support Clinical Research Studies
As a long term user of Microtest’s solutions, Dr Symonds explored ways of connecting local practices via IT with the company. Dr Symonds had heard of other research sites using Guru to support their activities and was keen to find out more. Microtest’s interoperable web-based solution Guru allows real time patient record sharing between healthcare settings. Microtest is one of the UK’s top four primary care clinical system suppliers and is renowned for its advanced clinical solutions and customer care. Its award-winning Guru is a secure solution that can be used on devices such as iPads, Tablet, PCs, Apple PCs and Laptops. It enables hospitals, community out-workers, doctors on call, A&E and out-of-hours services to have real time access to detailed patient records from Microtest’s core solution, Open Evolution.

The team rolled out Guru and started to use it to support the management of care of patients involved in Clinical Research Studies. Guru enables authorised clinical healthcare professionals to monitor treatment, making patient records available to those involved in the studies.

Guru allows healthcare professionals to identify the patient they are treating and access demographics and vital information such as: risk indicators for morbidities, repeat and acute medication, allergies, documents, medical history including diagnoses and other Read coded items. It delivers a live and detailed patient record to the point of care, exactly when needed.

Dr Symonds says: “Using Guru, we can now access patient records from a whole group of local surgeries online at one location. I use Guru to look at records as well as sending notes directly back to the surgeries in real time. This has enabled us to offer important clinical research studies across a wider population, giving many more local people the opportunity to engage with cutting edge, global clinical trials in what are often hard to treat disease areas.

Guru is helping us streamline our work and carry out clinical research of the highest possible standard.”