The Microtest Guru solution is delivering real benefit for patients with diabetes who are admitted to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, by giving clinicians immediate access to detailed patient records to enhance treatment and care. Members of the Diabetes Inpatient team are now able to access vital GP patient clinical records via Guru, as it allows two-way remote access to GP patient records held within Microtest’s Evolution clinical system.

Microtest’s Guru delivers the ultimate detailed patient record sharing tool across clinical systems and manages patient consent, legitimate relationships, role based access and record content. Guru is sufficiently flexible to be able to provide access ranging from displaying controlled parts of a detailed patient record to full two way read/write interaction with a full patient record. This makes Guru the ideal tool for delivering care in wide ranging settings from federating practices to pan community health systems. Guru is improving patient care, helping to improve the patient experience and also enabling clinicians to work more efficiently.

Clive Vincent, who works in the Inpatient Diabetes team says: “I am saving a lot of time now thanks to Guru. Part of the problem before Guru, was getting access to medical history for each patient that was referred to the team. I need to know when the patient was diagnosed, whether they have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes etc, and sometimes the information given by a patient and what we read in patient records did not marry up. Before Guru, I had to telephone the GP surgery of each patient and request a patient medical record, which would then need to be faxed over to me. This could be time consuming of course, if the surgery was closed or receptionists busy. But now I can click into Guru and check key information, for example, check bloods, to see how far off kilter the patient is in hospital. I have only been using Guru for a short while, but the time saving and patient safety benefits are clear already.’

Patrick English, Consultant in Diabetes, Endocrinology, Acute and General Internal Medicine says: “I am delighted with the way the project is progressing and really pleased that Guru is saving us time and effort, while improving outcomes for patients.’