Mounts Bay Medical Ltd, a federation of five Cornish Practices, is making use of Microtest’s interoperable web-based solution Guru, to help support its clinical research trials. The team uses Guru in order to view and monitor patient clinical notes at its Hub, when data has been entered at one of its Spoke sites. Microtest is one of the UK’s top four primary care clinical system suppliers and is renowned for its advanced clinical solutions and customer care.


Mounts Bay Medical Ltd is a federation of GPs made up of five surgeries in West Cornwall and is dedicated to excellence in clinical research. The practices are all keen Microtest system users, and Dr Adam Ellery, who is Managing Director, was keen to find out more about how Guru could help his team with their clinical trials. Guru is a secure solution that can be used on devices such as iPads, TabletPCs, Apple PCs and Laptops. It enables hospitals, community out-workers, doctors on call, A&E and out-of-hours services to have real time access to detailed patient records from Microtest’s core solution, Evolution.

Dr Ellery and the team at Mounts Bay Medical Ltd work on numerous clinical trials, with the group excelling in the level of care given to patients. Dr Ellery heard about Guru and realised that he could use the solution to help the Principal Investigator (PI), Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and any auditor (e.g. FDA) to securely monitor their work with patients.

The team rolled out Guru and started to use it to support the management of care of patients involved in clinical trials. Guru enables authorised clinical healthcare professionals to monitor treatment, making patient records available to those involved in the clinical drug trial.

Guru allows healthcare professionals to identify the patient they are treating and access demographics and vital information such as: risk indicators for morbidities, repeat and acute medication, allergies, documents, medical history including diagnoses and other Read coded items. It delivers a live and detailed patient record to the point of care, exactly when needed.


’We chose to use Guru for a number of reasons,’ explains Dr Ellery. ’Primarily, we needed a new way of monitoring our clinical trial patients to ensure that the best care was given to them. Secondly, the nature of our work in clinical research means that tight security and confidentiality is vital and Microtest have an outstanding track record in this. Lastly, we have worked with Microtest for many years and find their solutions innovative and intuitive.’

‘We find that Guru works brilliantly for our clinical trials, making documents and medication histories viewable to approved research professionals. Auditors and CRAs can access the entire patient NHS record centrally and electronically at the Hub, rather than having to go to the Spoke sites to collect it. This makes the process quick, easy and saves time and effort.  We no longer have to print out information on paper, so the whole process is much more secure and environmentally friendly.’

‘Guru enables the team to send feedback from the Hub to any Spoke sites regarding any information that needs to be added.  Amendments can be made to patients’ care or their Care Plans. All of this is fully audit trailed – which leads to robust, clinically safe and transparent care.’

’As a newly formed federation, Mounts Bay Medical Ltd has found Guru to be a fantastic, innovative and flexible software package which provides a robust clinical governance umbrella across our clinical sites. We have found it not only increases our efficiency in this area, but helps us to focus on the patient’s safety even more effectively.’