Guru is used by the pre-operation patient assessment clinic at the Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske) in Truro and St Michael’s Hospital in Hayle.

The team at the clinic comprises 25 staff at Treliske and 6 at St Michael’s Hospital.

Rachel Cope, a nurse within the team at St Michael’s, says: “Guru makes a huge improvement to how effectively and accurately we can carry out pre-operation assessments. We need to assess patents to see how fit they are for surgery, so this involves checking what medications they are on and looking at their history.

“Now we have Guru, I can check this all through before we speak to the patient. I usually fill in as many details as I can in advance of our appointment. This saves the patient’s time and it means that the information we have is completely accurate and bang up to date. Patients are often impressed that we already know about medications they may just have been prescribed within the last few hours. One lady said to me: “I can’t believe you know that already.”

Rachel continues: “Prior to using Guru, we had to pull together such information as we could from different computer systems – one for blood tests, one for orthopaedics, one for letters sent and so on. We were also reliant on information provided by the patient, which may not always have been accurate.

“Now we can access everything we need to know instantly and reliably, increasing the accuracy of our work.

“As any key information is not now likely to be missed, this reduces the number of cancellations that may previously have happened due to something being overlooked and only being picked up when the patient arrived at the hospital for surgery. This could have happened if for example the patient was diabetic or asthmatic, as it would not always show up on the other computer systems we used.  Overcoming this issue and increasing accuracy is clearly enabling a big step forward in the overall efficiency of healthcare.”

Rachel adds: “As well as helping us increase accuracy, using Guru saves me and the rest of my team a considerable amount of time, as all the information is streamlined. Saving time on hunting down information means that I am freed up to spend more time on patient care.

“Guru has transformed the efficiency and accuracy with which my team can carry out our work.”

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