Dr Avish Punater, a Berkshire GP, uses Microtest Guru to securely view patient records in real time, when out home visiting or consulting in a nursing home.  Dr Punater has been using the interoperable, web-based clinical data-sharing solution for some time to remotely access patient records held within Microtest’s Evolution system. Microtest is one of the UK’s top four primary care clinical system suppliers and is renowned for its advanced clinical solutions and customer care.


Microtest Guru

Microtest Guru is an interoperable solution that can be used on devices such as iPads, TabletPCs, Apple PCs and Laptops and enables hospitals, community out-workers, doctors on call, A&E and out-of-hours services to have real time access to detailed patient records.  Dr Avish Punater, based in Berkshire,  has headed up the deployment of Microtest Guru at his practice.

Dr Punater finds Guru of particular use when he is visiting his practice’s large nursing home population. Using Guru at the nursing home, he can review patients’ medication and any other relevant information such as allergy data in real time. If appropriate, nursing home staff can now be shown information on a resident’s latest hospital visit while Dr Punater is onsite, rather than faxing it through when back at the practice.


Guru: Flexible and secure

Guru is the result of a lengthy consultation and development period, listening to customers’ requests and drawing on the technological know-how for which Microtest is renowned. The solution is secure, fully encrypted and allows healthcare professionals to deliver a live and detailed patient record to the point of care, exactly when needed. From the initial design stage, Microtest identified that Guru would need to cater for many different ways of working and – with a diverse range of medical professionals interested in the solution – the system had to be flexible and robust. Microtest’s software development team worked hard to meet the users’ requirements and requests.


Dr Punater explains: “Guru gives us the ability to securely and remotely view our patient records in real time when we are, for example, out home visiting or consulting in a nursing home.  Even documents and medication histories are viewable and amazingly we can remotely write notes directly into the patient record.  Access to this information increases our efficiency but most importantly enhances patient safety.   Everything is accessed through a web based interface and we aren’t tied to a particular platform.  It really is a glimpse of the future!”


Guru allows GPs to log in to see details about the patient they are treating when outside the practice. Details such as medication, allergies, risk indicators for morbidities, repeat and acute medication, documents, demographics medical history (including diagnoses) and other Read coded items are accessible, with all information live and updated.

Practices can decide who to share their patient data with, such as other GPs, out-of-hours doctors or community providers. Equally, patient confidentiality is paramount and all patient information is fully encrypted. Users have a log-in and password or an enabling key can be sent to a mobile phone.

Useful in the community

Dr Punater says: “Not only does Guru make life easier for me, it also helps to promote patient safety, as information can be accessed about allergies and existing conditions which can help guide clinical decisions when outside the practice.”

Future plans include the possibility of GPs using Guru to share an electronic record with the patient, which will fit with the government’s goal for all patients to have access to their online records by 2015. The interoperable tool could also be used for research projects or drug trials.

Guru delivers key information to promote quality care in a diverse range of clinical environments with patient activity being automatically sent back to the surgery.