The Clays Practice in Roche worked closely with Microtest to implement EPS (Electronic Prescribing Service) at their busy practice in May 2015 and the practice has been reaping the benefits ever since. The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a national solution that allows prescriptions to be sent direct to pharmacies through IT systems used in GP surgeries and eventually EPS will remove the need for most paper prescriptions. Microtest has developed a module to enable its users to benefit from the solution.

Successful ground work pre-deployment
Dom Cook is Assistant Practice Manager at The Clays Practice and explains: “From the start of the process our doctors were keen and on board to move forward with EPS. We had discussed the business changes required within the practice in order to gain the most benefit from the new process. We are long term customers of Microtest and had every confidence that they would be able to support us in this exciting project.”

In order to gain as many EPS pharmacy nominations as possible prior to going live, the practice actively advertised to patients that they were moving towards electronic prescribing using the practice website, posters in the waiting room, leaflets, messages on counterfoils and with dispensers actively discussing the use of EPS with non-dispensing patients.

Dispensing patients were also fully informed of their options and it was the patient’s choice whether they chose to remain a dispensing patient or change to a nominated community pharmacy. This ensured that the practice actively retained their dispensing patients and did not feel that going live with EPS threatened their dispensing list.

Smooth transition to EPS
Dom Cook continues: “The transition to EPS went really smoothly and we felt really supported by Microtest throughout. The practice has a patient list of 12,000 of which 53% are dispensing patients and we have received excellent feedback on the service. As of November 2016 the practice were sending around 29% of all prescriptions via EPS”.

The practice has moved non-dispensing patients on regular repeats to Repeat Dispensing as this significantly reduces the amount of work from the practice point of view. Practice dispensers raise all repeat requests for both non-dispensing and dispensing patients. The doctors handle all requests for repeat issues of acute items.

Dom Cook says: “We have really seen a massive change for the better since implementing EPS and our GPs spend much less time signing scripts now!”

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