Carnon Downs Surgery is situated on the outskirts of Truro and uses Microtest’s Arrivée automated check in system to help patients book in quickly and easily without using the front desk receptionist.

Carnon Downs Surgery is a small practice in Truro with a predominantly elderly patient base. The surgery had been using the original Arrivée solution from Microtest since 2010 and upgraded to the new version of Arrivée in 2015. Since the upgrade, the surgery and patients have been reporting even more benefits of using the solution. Arrivée is Microtest’s touchscreen booking-in system which helps reduce reception and waiting room queues by allowing patients to automatically book themselves in when they arrive at the surgery.

Innovative technology assisting patients of all ages
Alison Hunt is Assistant Manager at the surgery and explains: “We are quite a small practice, with a small reception area and we signed up to Arrivée originally as we wanted to keep the flow of patients moving into the waiting room. Our front desk can get really busy and, as it is also where patients collect medication, we wanted to enhance confidentiality along with health and safety by helping to get patients quickly through to the waiting area. We were really pleased with the first version of Arrivée and have been using it successfully for years. The terminal now stands in the vestibule and patients are really happy to check in and find it really easy. The latest upgrade to Arrivée is much improved!

“We find the solution really useful as it means patients can check in quickly and easily and the receptionists don’t have to interrupt the patient check in process if they have to answer an emergency phone call. It reduces the queuing time by the front door and keeps the access free. We don’t lose the relationship with our patients, as they still like to come and say hello and they also check that the system has “checked them in” correctly”.

Arrivée is available in a variety of configurations, such as free-standing terminal and PC touchscreen with large buttons for all ages. Patients book-in quickly and easily by simply tapping the screen. Bold, intuitive symbols are used to select sex, date of birth and (optionally) the name of the person to be seen. If the system cannot identify the patient, he or she will be redirected to the reception desk. Once the system has recognised the patient, a message is displayed on the touchscreen with the appointment time and person to be seen. Using the details entered, Arrivée updates the clinical system and the patient is automatically marked as ‘arrived’ within the appointments module.

Streamlining the patient check in process
Alison continues: “I first saw the solution at one of Microtest’s excellent customer User Groups and we have found that the transition of moving to the solution went really well. With the new upgrade, patients check in at the vestibule, Arrivée tells them if the doctor is running late and it is a really handy tool. It’s very clear and easy to use. We can also customise the screen to show surgery opening hours, practice news or other relevant information.

“We wouldn’t be without Arrivée now, we love it! All ages of patients take it in their stride – if necessary, we can show them how easy it is to use. We have an elderly population who might not normally engage with technology – but they have all been fine with the solution, and the majority of patients now use Arrivée.”