There are a number of ways federated or merged practices can work together closely without losing their own practice’s identity or autonomy when it comes to their own clinical system and patient records.

Evolution Interworking for practices working together

Evolution Interworking delivers a complete turn-key solution with no gaps in the functionality. Patients can attend any practice within the group where their full, real time medical record would be available for use giving maximum integrated care.  Clinics can be created covering patients across the group behaving as if all patients are on one single system.

Reporting comparison against a group of practices

Evolution Interworking delivers a reporting mechanism which enables important management information of each individual practice to be compared against one another in the group.

Guru for sharing data with non Microtest sites

Guru - NotesGuru - Path

There is no need for all sites to be on the same clinical system to share and use medical records.  The Guru is a revolutionary web based system that solves the issue of working with other practices who are not Microtest.  Guru is able to share real time practice records securely with other practices, secondary care and community services. Importantly, the Guru unlike other systems allows practices to remain in control of their own data in terms of quality and what can be shared.

Integration EMIS/TPP

Those of you that are keen followers of eHealth Insider will have spotted that Microtest is working with both TPP and EMIS to integrate our clinical systems.

The drive is to make it easier for practices having a host of different clinical systems to co-exist without the need for any practices to have to change clinical systems.

Benefits across all systems will be the ability to book appointments between practices and clinical systems, run clinics and create clinical notes etc and also process workflows between practices irrespective of system.


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