Microtest is working towards The Accessibility Standard

Microtest has already delivered a proportion of the accessibility functionality to its practices but is committed to delivering all elements of The Accessibility Standard throughout its products and services, in order to enable its NHS customers to fully meet their obligations by 31st July 2016.

The Accessibility Standard requires all GP practices, NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts and other NHS care providers to provide information to people with disabilities in a format they can understand. This includes people with visual impairment, hearing difficulties, people who are deafblind and people with learning disabilities, as well as other conditions that may affect communication needs such as autism.

This means GPs, hospitals and Adult Social Care providers being able to supply information to patients in a wide range of formats, including Large Print, Braille, Easy Read or via a British Sign Language interpreter or advocate, if required.

In order to help facilitate this, Open Evolution, the Microtest clinical system is being updated to allow practices to:

  • Identify all individual patient communication needs
  • Record patient communication needs and how these will be met in a consistent manner
  • Highlight the patient’s needs to all users of the Patient Records
  • Capture patient permission to share information about their communication needs with other care providers
  • Share information about patient needs with other care providers

This development will build on the current facility whereby Microtest electronic patient records already record communication preferences for all patients (including options for Email, Phone, SMS, Post and In Person.)

Before 31st July 2016, Microtest will have updated all software to meet the requirements outlined at 9.2 of the Accessibility Information Specification as well as conform in full with all criteria listed at 9.3.

Microtest will also brief all Microtest customers on these updates and provide training through Webex and User Groups.

Microtest Managing Director Chris Netherton says: “The Accessibility Standard will help improve patient care for people with a wide range of disabilities and we are excited to be helping NHS England make this important step forward.”